Oh, The Horror! What makes a Scary Story Scary?

Remember that scene in IT (the book) when Stephen King flashes back to the psycho-kid murdering his infant brother? I think that was the only time in my life I read something so scary I had to look away from the page.

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What’s in the Woods?

Sean was in the tub. The water was low, too low to drown him, so he turned the hot faucet on and watched it run. He didn’t mind waiting because he liked watching Sean. Everyone said he was Alison’s boy, but they didn’t see what he saw. Underneath the Alison appearance, Sean had JJ’s soul. The water was too hot. Sean started to cry. “Sit still, little guy,” JJ said. But he wouldn’t. JJ didn’t want to listen to him anymore, he drew a hammer […]

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